Impact Recorder, Shock Recorder for transformers

To minimize and reduce transport damages today many companies work with Impact Recorder, Shock Recorder for transformers. With increased globalization and multimodal transport routes worldwide, it can be crucial to continuously track and monitor the transformer during transport. Transport damage is a frequently cited cause of product damage. The repercussions of damage to your product are not only related to the immediate cost of repair but also to loss of productivity and damage to the company’s reputation. With Cargolog® Impact Recorder Systems equipped to your Power Transformer you can control and report about potential damages as a result of mishandling, vandalism or accident that occurs during transport.

“We use Cargolog® Impact Recorder System to check if all the partial shipments and transshipments have been handled safely.”

Anders Eliasson, ABB AB

“From our experience, Mobitron is a partner you can trust and is always there if there is a problem or if something urgent happens.”

Bengt Fredriksson, Cryo AB

How does it work?

Cargolog® Impact Recorder is used for supervision of transformers during transport to measure and register potential damages. Before transport the impact recorder is pre-programmed with acceptable values for the measuring channels you want to register during transport. This is done with wire or wireless communication frin your PC with CargoLog® PC software. This means that for each journey, you can set which measurement channels will be used and adjust these based on the goods’ prerequisites, method of transport and period of time.

When the impact recorder is set up, affix the impact recorder to your power transformer, allowing it to follow throughout the entire logistics chain. The Impact Recorder is affixed with an attachment on the outside and/or inside the power transformer. All measurement data is stored and protected electronically in an internal memory, which means that it is not lost if your battery loses power during transportation. All measurements include the time, as well as duration and can be password protected.

At the arrival of the power transformer you will immediately be able to check for exceeded limits by checking the LED lights on your impact recorder. The measuring results can be collected from your impact recorder with Cargolog® PC software to your PC, alternatively you can use your smartphone to transfer data via bluetooth from your impact recorder to our APP. All measuring results are then displayed in a diagram and can be analyzed second by second.

Monitor your transformer and receive GPS positions of the incidents

Cargolog® Impact Recorder euipped with GPS records acceleration, temperature, humidity and angles with GPS position, as well as time and date. The data logger is affixed directly on to your transformer and it provides you with information that shows how your products are handled throughout the entire logistics chain. The geographic position can be registered in time intervals and/or at high exceedance.


Receive data in real-time with GSM/GPRS Communication

React immediately when your transformer is subjected to mishandling. The Cargolog® Impact Recorder with GSM/GPRS communication, transmitts data in real time, and gives you instant information when an incident occurs. This is a cost-efficient solution that facilitates detailed supervision and gives you full control over your tranformer during transport.

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