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Calibration process for data accuracy

At Mobitron, we understand the significance of data accuracy. That’s why our Cargolog® device is meticulously calibrated at our factory, adhering to international standards as defined by the Rise Technical Research Institute of Sweden. When you receive your Cargolog® device, it comes with a traceable calibration document, ensuring the utmost accuracy and reliability.

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Ensure the accuracy of your equipment

Calibration service

Over time, the accuracy of your Cargolog® device can diminish. Regular calibration is essential to ensure the reliability and precision of measurement results.

As indicated on the device, calibration should be renewed within the specified timeframe, typically every 24 months. The following calibration date is marked, ensuring you always stay on top of maintaining your device’s accuracy and performance.

Included in the calibration service

We calibrate your Cargolog® device in our factory. Quickly and reliably.


Calibration and climate test

This part of the service ensures that the sensors included in your Cargolog® device are calibrated accurately and can provide precise measurement data.


Backup battery replacement

To ensure the long life of your Cargolog® device, we replace the backup battery. This step is crucial in guaranteeing that your device remains operational for an extended period.


Firmware update

The firmware update serves a dual purpose: bug fixing and improved functionality. The updated firmware enhances the device’s performance and addresses any issues to provide you with a better user experience.

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