Transport Monitoring Made Easy

At Mobitron, our mission is to streamline transport monitoring and prevent cargo damage. Cargolog® tracks external factors to preserve product integrity, delivering control and peace of mind.

Reduce transport damages

Effective risk situation monitoring

Cargolog® simplifies cargo monitoring with advanced built-in sensors. These sensors capture crucial real-time data, including for example acceleration (impact and shock), temperature, humidity, and pressure changes, granting peace of mind and control over your shipments while minimizing uncertainty.

This data supports quality control, ensures insurance claims related to transportation damages, and substantially reduces warranty claims resulting from undetected shocks and vibrations, ultimately saving time and costs.

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Managing transport monitoring

Critical insights for your industry

In all industries, confirming the timing and extent of transport damage is crucial. Once a defect is detected, pinpointing when it occurred is essential for assigning responsibility. Be sure to invest in a dependable and user-friendly system for transport monitoring.

Explore your industry to gain deeper insights and make informed decisions to protect the value and functionality of your goods.

Why monitor with Cargolog®?

Take control

Enhance supply chain monitoring using Cargolog®. Make informed decisions with independent, reliable data over time.

Minimize risks

Cargolog® reduces risks by delivering comprehensive data, offering an impartial perspective as a trusted third-party solution.

Save money

Cut costs by minimizing transport damages with Cargolog®. Fast ROI, offering years of reliable use for cost-efficient savings.

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Introducing Cargolog® 3rd Gen – The Ultimate Solution for Safe and Secure Shipment Monitoring.

Our support is always available

We’re here to help address all your needs related to measuring values, device customization, operation, and evaluation. We offer assistance in calibration, consulting, training, and customizing models to suit your requirements. 
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Mobitron to Showcase Revolutionary Solutions at CWIEME Berlin 2023

Mobitron AB, a global leader in advanced monitoring solutions, is thrilled to announce our participation in the prestigious CWIEME Berlin 2023 exhibition. From May 23rd to May 25th, CWIEME Berlin is a premier event for the coil winding, electric motor, and transformer manufacturing industries.

Meet us at CWIEME Berlin 2022

Visit us at CWIEME Berlin 2022 and see our news! Let’s talk about the best solution for your next project and opportunities to reduce transport damage and unnecessary costs.

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