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Monitoring demanding transports

With over 20 years of experience, we are one of the leading suppliers of data logging systems using built-in sensors for the monitoring of demanding transports. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we have today developed an advanced technology, with a leading edge into the future. By constantly enhancing our technology we ensure our customers will get the most out of our products. We offer products of the highest quality and we work hard to maintain an open dialogue with our customers, to ensure that we continue to deliver products and services that are of value to you. By working solution-oriented, we develop products tailored to our customer’s needs. Therefore, we can help you develop a product that suits your business.

We look forward to a bright future and we intend to remain a leading supplier of Impact Recorders, as well as a trusted partner.


Wireless Impact Recorder for supervision of transport and material handling

Cargolog® Impact Recorder System

Wireless computer-based data logger with built-in sensors supervises, deters and minimizes mishandling. The Impact Recorder is mounted directly onto your goods to register shocks, vibrations and environmental conditions during transport and reloading. It follows your goods throughout the entire logistic chain and provides you with documented data of the measurement results.


Advanced transport monitoring system with a driver alarm for demanding transports

Cargolog® TMS90

Transport Monitoring System, a computer-based data logger, measures and records acceleration, duration of the acceleration and temperature with built-in sensors. The system is driven by an external power directly from your vehicle  and equipped with integrated GSM, you obtain information in real-time directly to your email if the limit values are exceeded during the transport. Combined with a driver alarm, the driver of the transport receives a visible alarm and can stop to check and report on any damage. This provides an increased security and control of your transport from start to finish.


Collision sensor with personal login for vehicle/truck

Cargolog® Vehicle Safety System

Fleet Management System with collision sensor and personal login mounted on your warehouse vehicles. With personal login you can restrict the use and/or grant authorization to start the vehicle solely to drivers with the right level of training. The Fleet Management System is used to create a more secure work environment and lower your costs related to accidents involving vehicles/lift trucks. At the same time as the collision sensor register vehicle impacts an alarm is sent to the responsible person at your company.



Agent for products from Heinzmann

Mobitron AB has represented Heinzmann since 1991, and we work alongside trained and qualified professionals, with extensive experience in analog and digital control. As a result, our staff can offer you a complete service package with advice and help, in order to guide you in choosing the correct controller for your project.


Monitor and receive information in real-time

Locate the mishandling of your cargo and identify the responsible parties. Take action with Online Transport Monitoring when an incident occurs as a result of mishandling, vandalism or accident.

We’re exhibiting at CWIEME Berlin 2019

We're exhibiting at CWIEME Berlin 2019, between 21-23 May. Come and visit us in our stand 22F42.

New software version Cargolog PC Software available to download

Containes beside bug fix for installation of software also support for communication with 4G.

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Made in Sweden

Since 1991, Cargolog® has been developed, manufactured and sold by Mobitron AB. We are constantly working with product development och together we will find the products that suit you. Do not be afraid to contact us and tell us what your needs are. Together we will find a solution that suits you and your business!


Let us help you from start to finish!

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find time for everything. For this reason, and to make things easier for our customers, we offer our valuable services. Whether you need help with a project from start to finish or if you only require help with a specific task, we can help you. We can help you to reduce your workload and provide you with a written report of documented data to share with customers, colleagues etc.


ISO Certfied

Mobitron AB has established and applied a management system according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.


Mobitron AB

Mobitron AB was founded in 1991 by Sven-Olof Olsson. The company is located just outside Huskvarna, in Kaxholmen, where all development and manufacturing of our products takes place. Mobitron is a high-tech company that works continuously with product development through the use of the latest technology. With the increasing regularity and distances of journeys as a result of globalisation, as well as a steadily increasing focus on quality assurance, a system such as Cargolog will become more and more common in the industry. In addition, we are not tied down to any specific industry or market sector. We are seeing increasing interest as a result of the solution in which we have developed, with our services helping to cover a broad range of projects and business needs.