Cargolog® Connect

Cargolog® Connect, a user-friendly software for Cargolog® 3rd Gen, offers configuration, data recording, analysis, and customization features. You can install it on desktops or access it online, enhancing Cargolog® 3rd Gen’s usability for monitoring environmental data and impacts.


Cargolog Connect

Data 24/7

Cargolog® Connect

Detailed data analysis

Cargolog® Connect provides robust data analysis tools that offer insights into your cargo’s condition and health. Its customizable visualization options, filtering, and sorting capabilities allow for the swift identification of trends and patterns, enabling the optimization of transport operations. Data can be transmitted in real-time via CloudConnect or manually retrieved using a USB-C cable.

Cloud Connect

Get information in real-time

Cloud Connect includes all digital services that intelligently connect Cargolog® to the outside world and sends data to view in Cargolog® Connect.

This service combines telematics and real-time data transmission, offering valuable insights into your cargo’s location, conditions, and other critical data points for swift issue resolution.

Cargolog® Connect

Unlock enhanced cargo control with location data

Location data is a valuable tool that contributes to the overall efficiency, security, and transparency of cargo monitoring, ensuring a smoother and more reliable transportation process. Whether you’re tracking goods in real-time or analyzing historical routes, this feature enhances your ability to make informed decisions and ensures the security of your shipments.

Cargolog® Connect

Streamlined project data management and collaboration

Cargolog® Connect simplifies project data access, whether transmitted via CloudConnect or retrieved manually. Centralizing information streamlines data management standardizes collection methods, and enhances collaboration.

Users benefit from optimized operations, quicker decision-making, and improved efficiency through customizable alerts and shared notes.

Easily access project details from the dashboard.

Navigate to the project to identify exceptions that require your attention.

Access comprehensive transport details to ensure cargo safety and security.

Cargolog® Connect

Secure user authentication and easy license management

Cargolog® Connect enables users to efficiently manage their licenses and users, ensuring that resources and businesses can evolve when needed. The software provides a user-friendly interface for handling these aspects directly within the application, with options for credit card transactions or invoicing at your choice.

Cargolog® Connect

Efficient device management

Users can efficiently monitor and manage their entire fleet of Cargolog® by providing a centralized platform for device management in Cargolog® Connect. This unified approach enhances visibility, simplifies maintenance, and helps users respond promptly to any issues or maintenance requirements, ultimately reducing downtime and ensuring the smooth operation of their cargo monitoring operations.

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