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Enhance cargo transportation with our advanced environmental monitoring system, capturing temperature, humidity, angle/leaning, and acceleration data. Attach the system to your product for detailed insights. Easily manage and view recorded data by connecting the Cargolog® device to a computer via USB-C cable. Use the Cargolog® Connect software to upload and access information in the cloud service, ensuring seamless data transfer and efficient monitoring.

Factory fit options

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The quotation will consist of a complete system i.e. hardware, software & all necessary licenses needed to have a working system.


Optimize cargo transportation with our comprehensive environmental monitoring system, which measures and records temperature, humidity, angle/leaning, and acceleration. Tailored for diverse materials and conditions, attach the system directly to the product or package for detailed insights into logistics handling. To manually read data using a USB-C cable, connect the Cargolog® device to a computer. Utilize the Cargolog® Connect software to upload the data, allowing easy access to the information in the cloud service. This seamless process ensures that all recorded data is efficiently transferred and conveniently viewed and managed in the Cargolog® Connect platform.

Key Features:

  • Ensure optimal transport conditions.
  • Measure peak acceleration and event duration.
  • Obtain a complete overview of environmental transport conditions.

Additional Features:

  • High-precision sensors for impact and shock analysis
  • User-friendly and easily installed on various cargo types
  • Monitoring capabilities for sea, air, and road transport
  • Durable design for reliable operation in extreme temperatures and humidity
  • Minimize damage risks, potentially reducing repair or replacement costs.


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