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At Mobitron AB, our focus is on delivering high-quality products and services. To fulfill this commitment, we have implemented a Business Management System (BMS) adhering to the international standards of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Quality and Environmental Management System

ISO 9001:2015

This standard refers to the quality management systems. It outlines the requirements for establishing and maintaining a quality management system within an organization, emphasizing customer satisfaction, continual improvement, and meeting customer and regulatory requirements. (ISO).

ISO 14001:2015

The standard of ISO 14001 refers to environmental management systems. It details the requirements for an organization to manage its environmental responsibilities, addressing issues such as resource usage, waste management, and environmental impact reduction (ISO).


The regulation concerning the production and use of chemical substances in the EU. Its primary goal is to ensure a high level of protection for human health and the environment from the risks associated with chemicals. REACH requires companies to register and promote alternative methods for the hazard assessment of substances to reduce the number of tests on animals (REACH).


This directive restricts certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment as lead, mercury, cadmium, and others. RoHS aims to promote environmentally friendly and safer production practices in the electronics industry (RoHS).

Policy for conflict minerals

In current years, there has been an enlarged awareness of the extremely violent conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and nearby countries. Conflict Minerals – such as tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold, are sometimes sold by armed groups to finance this conflict. You can read more about at OECD Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas

As a part of the Mobitron obligation to corporate responsibility and respecting human rights in our operations as well as in our international supply chain, it’s our goal to use conflict minerals that are “DRC conflict-free”.

Highest credit rating

Bisnode has awarded us the AAA Certification for Quality. This certification evaluates the financial stability and business reliability of companies through an internationally recognized system. Since 2007, MOBITRON AB has consistently maintained the highest credit rating according to Bisnode’s credit rating system. A company with a silver diploma has sustained the highest credit rating for at least ten years.

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