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At Mobitron, we understand the need for reliable, verifiable data. Our product portfolio, including Cargolog®, offers customizable solutions developed and manufactured in Sweden, allowing us to tailor our products to meet your requirements.





Impact Recorder
An Impact Recorder, often referred to as a shock sensor, shock recorder, vibration logger, impact data logger, or transport data recorder, is a specialized device designed for monitoring and recording environmental conditions and shock or impact events. These devices are crucial for various applications, especially in industries where you must transport sensitive or valuable goods.

Impact Recorders play a significant role in quality control, allowing businesses to identify potential issues with handling or transportation methods and take corrective actions as needed. Whether you focus on safeguarding valuable equipment, delicate electronics, or other sensitive cargo, these devices provide indisputable evidence in case of damage claims or warranty disputes, ultimately resulting in time and cost savings for your business. Impact Recorders are a versatile tool for industries such as logistics, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and more, helping maintain the quality and condition of goods throughout the supply chain.

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