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Cargolog® Connect

Discover the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected products with CloudConnect. This digital service connects the Cargolog® device to Cargolog® Connect, utilizing telematics and real-time data transmission. Gain valuable insights into your cargo’s location, conditions, and other vital data for more intelligent and advanced transport monitoring while in transit. Embrace the future of cargo monitoring with Cloud Connect.

Cargolog® Connect

Online data transmission for real-time insights

Online transmission data streamlines and enhances sending real-time data from your Cargolog® device to the Cargolog® Connect application. This functionality ensures that your cargo’s vital information is readily accessible for monitoring and analysis, allowing you to respond promptly to any issues or defects.

Cargolog® Connect

Requirements for CloudConnect Subscription

By meeting these requirements, you can enable online data transmission with GSM, allowing you to monitor and manage your cargo more effectively in real-time.

An active subscription plan is in place for the Cargolog® device, equipped with an active SIM card.

An active account for Cargolog® Connect, the platform used for accessing and managing your Cargolog® data online

Ensure that the area where the Cargolog® device will transfer online data has adequate GSM network coverage.

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