• Starter kit TMS90 with integrated GPS and GSM/GPRS

    Article no: TMS90.SKA

    acceleration temperature GSM GPS Bluetooth

    With this starter kit, you have the option to view data in real-time along with GPS positions in our cloud service Cargolog Online, while the driver of the transport receives a visible alarm as a warning, if limit values are exceeded. The system is connected to and powered by an external supply, 12-48VDC direct from your vehicle. The system measures and registers acceleration and temperature, giving you full control and safer transports.

  • Starter Kit TMS90 with integrated GPS

    Article no: TMS90.SKB


    With this starter kit, you can measure and record the acceleration with duration and temperature with built-in sensors. An external alarm is connected directly to the monitoring system and will warn the driver of the transport in case of exceeded limits. The system is driven by an external power directly from your vehicle and is equipped with a integrated GPS receiver to record GPS positions.