Transport Monitoring System for demanding transports – Cargolog® TMS90

Cargolog® TMS90 is a transport monitoring system based on the Cargolog Impact Recorder System®, combined with a driver alarm, giving you increased security and control of you transport from start to finish. At the same time as you obtain information in real-time if the limit values are exceeded, the driver of the transport receives a visible driver alarm and can stop at once to check and report on any damage. The alarm is reset by an authorised operator by pulling a reset tag along the system’s RFID sensor, which is mounted in the enclosure on the goods. Afterwards, the driver can continue the transport until a new alarm is given. The result is efficient and safe transports!

  • Current position of your transport
  • Information on any impacts and vibrations
  • Information on the exact temperature

Wind Power / Industry

Cargolog® TMS90 is an excellent tool to use for monitoring the transports of wind turbines, foundations, rotor blades etc. The external driver alarm is placed directly on to the load and the system warns both the driver as well as other hauliers when the alarm levels are exceeded and the transport should be stopped for inspection. This gives safer and more secure transports as well as the option to identify any needs for road maintenance or other things obstructing your transport. Read more about monitoring the transport of wind power equipment here.

Technical Equipment / Industry

When you need to move sensitive, heavy, valuable and bulky technical equipment, monitoring the entire transport chain is important. With Cargolog® TMS90, you have the option to monitor the transport via our cloud service, Cargolog® Online. While the driver of the transport is warned of any impacts or vibrations, and can stop at once to check and take action before any products are damaged. Temperature sensitive products can also be protected by alarming the driver immediately when the temperature starts to rise or fall.

“We have been using this model to monitor the delivery of 365 sensitive wind turbine components, in a very remote area in the north of Kenya, 1250 km from the port of entry in Mombasa.

The route comprised the public highway network and a site access road, upgraded for the project, which both required constant monitoring. This tool assisted us a lot in monitoring the road quality and to identify road maintenance requirements, and also to protect cargo integrity by stopping convoys when set alarm levels were trigged.

The flexibility of MOBITRON teams allowed us to acquire the knowledge to implement an efficient system to the benefit of all stakeholders in the project.”

Michael De Abreu, Project Manager, Bollore Transport & Logistics

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Battery transport monitoring systems

Safe battery transportation is critical to protect consumer safety and the preservation of property. Hundreds of lithium-based battery fires have occurred in the past years. These fires have resulted in monetary fines worth tens of thousands of dollars per instance

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Monitor and receive information in real-time

Locate the mishandling of your cargo and identify the responsible parties. Take action with Online Transport Monitoring when an incident occurs as a result of mishandling, vandalism or accident.

Starter kits / Cargolog® TMS90

  • Starter kit TMS90 with integrated GPS and GSM/GPRS

    Article no: TMS90.SKA

    acceleration temperature GSM GPS Bluetooth

    With this starter kit, you have the option to view data in real-time along with GPS positions in our cloud service Cargolog Online, while the driver of the transport receives a visible alarm as a warning, if limit values are exceeded. The system is connected to and powered by an external supply, 12-48VDC direct from your vehicle. The system measures and registers acceleration and temperature, giving you full control and safer transports.

  • Starter Kit TMS90 with integrated GPS

    Article no: TMS90.SKB


    With this starter kit, you can measure and record the acceleration with duration and temperature with built-in sensors. An external alarm is connected directly to the monitoring system and will warn the driver of the transport in case of exceeded limits. The system is driven by an external power directly from your vehicle and is equipped with a integrated GPS receiver to record GPS positions.