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USB-C to USB-A cable

Facilitate efficient communication between your Cargolog® device and PC with our USB-C to USB-A Cable. Download parameters to activate the device and retrieve recorded data seamlessly, enhancing your monitoring experience throughout and after the recording period.

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Introducing our USB-C to USB-A Cable, a crucial accessory for seamless connectivity between your Cargolog® device and PC. This high-quality cable facilitates the download of parameters to activate the Cargolog® device and effortlessly retrieve recorded data, ensuring a smooth process during and after the recording period. Trust in the reliability and efficiency of our USB-C to USB-A Cable to enhance your Cargolog® experience.


  • Cable with braided Kevlar housing
  • Extra heavy duty connectors with metal housing


Material: Kevlar, metal

Cable lenght: 1.5m


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