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Protective metal case

Secure your Cargolog® device to your product or packaging with the Metal Case, shielding against mechanical damage and harsh environmental conditions. Advanced features ensure protection during transportation and industrial use.

Factory fit options

Factory Fit Options enhance the product’s capabilities. You must specify options at the point of ordering.

The quotation will consist of a complete system i.e. hardware, software & all necessary licenses needed to have a working system.



Safeguard your Cargolog® device during cargo installation with our Metal Case, protecting against mechanical damage, aggressive gases, and liquids. Equipped with an advanced bleeding valve featuring a waterproof, breathable membrane, the Metal Case boasts IP67 and IK09 classifications, ensuring resilience to environmental challenges. The pressure equalizing system facilitates easy lid removal, offering reliable defense against mechanical impacts within harsh industrial environments.


Material: Aluminium

Surface treatment: Enamel paint, grey

Mounting: Screw 4xM6 (included in delivery)

Drill plan rectangular: 240 x 110 mm

IP classification: IP67 (EN 60529 standard)

Mechanical protection: IK09, >7 Joules (IEC 62262 standard)

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