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Holding Magnet

Safely attach the Cargolog® device to the product using a magnet, providing for quick and uncomplicated method.

Factory fit options

Factory Fit Options enhance the product’s capabilities. You must specify options at the point of ordering.

The quotation will consist of a complete system i.e. hardware, software & all necessary licenses needed to have a working system.


Magnets offer a non-intrusive attachment, minimizing the potential for damage to the cargo during installation. The magnet also present a quick and uncomplicated method for securely attaching the Cargolog® 3rd Gen to the desired surface without requiring intricate tools or additional equipment. The rubberized holding magnet is not delivered seperately, it is mounted directly to the Cargolog® device using an M8 screw.


Magnet type: Holding magnet

Material: Neodymium / Rubber coated

Strength: 550N

Outer Ø: 88mm

Thickness: 8.5mm

Thread: M8

Weight: 186g

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