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Use for installing the Cargolog® device on your cargo where mechanical protection or protection against gases or liquids, not is necessary. Mounting the holder to your cargo is done with straps or screws. Alternatively, delivered from the factory with magnets for easy mounting.

Factory fit options

Factory Fit Options enhance the product’s capabilities. You must specify options at the point of ordering.

The quotation will consist of a complete system i.e. hardware, software & all necessary licenses needed to have a working system.


Utilize the holder to attach the Cargolog® device to your cargo without the need for mechanical, gas, or liquid protection, using straps or screws. Alternatively, it can be factory-delivered with magnets for convenient direct mounting on your cargo. For accurate measurement and recording of acceleration, it is essential to eliminate any gaps between your cargo and the holder. Ensure that there are no disruptions to the acceleration records.


Material: Steel

Surface treatment: Enamelpaint, Black

Dimensions L x W x H: 200x150x40mm

Weight: 655g

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