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Cargolog® PC Software

The user-friendly Cargolog® software, easily installed, analyzes data with second-by-second precision. Accessible to most employees, it supports both wired (IR-to-USB) and wireless (Bluetooth or ZigBee) communication with the device.

Factory fit options

Factory Fit Options enhance the product’s capabilities. You must specify options at the point of ordering.

The quotation will consist of a complete system i.e. hardware, software & all necessary licenses needed to have a working system.



The user-friendly software for configuring, analyzing, and extracting data from the Cargolog® 2nd Gen is easy to install. Display the measurement results in diagrams and analyze them second by second. The multilingual platform is simple to install and use, making it accessible to most employees. Communicate through a wired connection (IR-to-USB) or wireless options (Bluetooth or ZigBee).

The various license keys for Cargolog® PC Software:

  • Extended:
    • Full version license accessible, including functions for GPS and GSM.
    • Enables device setup, data reading, detailed data analysis, template creation, editing, and sharing.
  • Standard:
    • License for standard functions, acceleration, temperature, humidity, angle/leaning.
    • Enables device setup, data reading, detailed data analysis and sharing.
  • View/Read:
    • Limited license allowing data reading.
    • Allows detailed data analysis.
  • Read only:
    • No-cost license with restricted functionality.
    • Allows only reading of data.


  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Language: ENG/DE/ITA/SWE/ES
  • Downloaded from website


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