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Cargolog® B0.0909 Impact Recorder

Measure and record the impacts & shock, and temperature changes of up to 10,000 measurements with date and time. Establish if your goods get exposed to conditions that could cause visible or concealed damage during transportation and handling. A stand-alone device with a battery life of up to 20 months.

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The B0.0909 Basic Recorder goes beyond the basics, offering features tailored for comprehensive cargo monitoring. Set sample intervals and alarm levels for temperature, define acceleration durations for all three axes, and establish registration limits for a thorough analysis. This versatile device operates on both alkaline and lithium batteries, providing flexibility. Initiate recording via button, download, or schedule, and rest easy with password-protected data for added security. Join professionals globally who rely on The Basic Recorder for accurate and trustworthy insights into their cargo’s well-being.

Key Features:

  • Registration limits and alarm levels for all three axes of acceleration
  • Duration of acceleration for all three axes
  • Sample interval and alarm level for temperature
  • Operates on both alkaline and lithium batteries
  • Start functions: Date and time, Start by button, Start on download
  • Security: Password-protected data


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