Now you have the option to choose if you want to equip your Impact Recorder with Lithium 3.6V or 1.5V Alkaline batteries*

With the ability to choose whether to use lithium or alkaline batteries it will be easier to use Cargolog® Impact Recorder System. The availability of alkaline batteries is often higher, in cases you do not have the opportunity to use lithium batteries, you can now also use alkaline batteries to power Cargolog® Impact Recorder System. With alkaline batteries are dangerous goods identification not necessary. NOTE! Reduced operating temperature and operating time with alkaline batteries because of the operating performance of the battery.

*Impact Recorder equipped with GSM/GPRS is powered only by lithium batteries.

Benefits Lithium batteries

  • Longer operating time due to the operating performance of the battery

  • Increased operating temperature due to the operating performance of the battery

Benefits of Alkaline Batteries

  • Easily accessible, most often available in regular grocery stores

  • Dangerous goods identification is not necessary