Data logger with pressure sensor

Cargolog® Impact Recorder with built-in sensors measures and records shocks, accelerations, temperature, humidity, angles and pressure during transport and handling of your consignment. A datalogger, equipped with a pressure sensor, is well suited for pressurized applications, like pressure vessels or compartments containing preservative gases or additive air. Pressure changes can be recorded with or without temperature correction.

  • Minimize damages

  • Decrease costs


Check possible leakages

A model with pressure sensor enables you to verify that no leakage of gas or additive air has occurred, which in itself could cause a risk for contamination with external particles intruding your package during its haulage or during its transhipment. In case leakage occurred, you can check when and where this happened, helping you investigating possible product damages.

Monitor pressure variations during air transport

The pressure sensor can conveniently be applied for monitoring pressure variations during air transport. The recorded data allows for checking afterwards if your cargo has been subject to pressure differences beyond the products tolerance limits and thus minimizes the risk for damages during subsequent stages in the process.

Receive information in real-time

In case pressure variations occur, a data logger fitted with a pressure sensor and with GSM/GPRS communication enables you to receive information in real time, allowing you to react instantly in case of exceeded alarm levels..

Adjust the temperature correction

You can enter yourself the applicable temperature compensation parameters inthe Cargolog® PC Software to avoid any circumstantial alarms.

  • Set your temperature compensation parameters

  • Avoid getting incorrect or circumstantial alarms

CargoLog PC Software

Internal or external pressure sensor

Cargolog® Impact Recorder can, at choice, be fitted with an internal or external pressure sensor. The external sensor has a connector for a tubing, allowing the datalogger to be mounted on the outside of the product while the tubing enables monitoring pressure variations on the inside. The pressure sensor is an optional accessory for the registration unit.

Key specifications

  • Measuring range: 0 – 2000 mbar
  • Temperature compensated

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New software version Cargolog PC Software available to download

Containes beside bug fix for installation of software also support for communication with 4G.

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New software version CargoLog available for download

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