Condition Monitoring

These tools are engineered to monitor and record the environmental conditions affecting transported goods, such as shock and vibration, ensuring that you have access to precise data. We customize our products to fit your specific needs, providing essential information to help you make informed decisions and maintain the integrity of your assets.

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Accessories for condition monitoring

At Mobitron, we understand the need for reliable, verifiable data. Our product portfolio, including Cargolog®, offers customizable solutions developed and manufactured in Sweden, allowing us to tailor our products to meet your requirements.

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Condition Monitoring in Transportation

Condition monitoring is crucial for assessing the environmental conditions faced by goods during transport. We offer tools such as data loggers to measure and log events that could potentially damage cargo. These devices can detect and record sudden changes in acceleration, deceleration, temperature, humidity, angles, and air pressure, logging events when predefined thresholds are exceeded. The captured data details the magnitude and duration of impacts and other environmental changes 

This additional monitoring capability ensures comprehensive tracking of environmental factors that could impact the condition and safety of the monitored assets. By measuring temperature, the devices can detect fluctuations that might indicate overheating or freezing, both of which can be detrimental in various industrial, logistics, or storage settings. Similarly, by keeping track of humidity levels the devices can help in preventing moisture-related damage, which is particularly crucial for sensitive equipment, perishable goods, and other moisture-sensitive items. The captured data details the magnitude and duration of impacts, helping determine if goods, such as transformers, need testing before installation, thereby avoiding future costs. 

Key Functions of our Condition Monitors 

  • Event Detection and Logging: Condition Monitors record impacts and environmental changes, providing precise data on each event. 
  • Data Analysis: Analyzing this data helps detect potential issues and trends, allowing for timely interventions. 
  • Preventive Measures: Ensuring equipment is inspected before use if subjected to impacts or extreme environmental conditions prevents costly damages. 
  • Accountability: Data loggers help determine when and where damages occurred, aiding in warranty and insurance claims. 

Benefits of our Data Logger 

Condition monitoring offers enhanced decision-making by providing detailed data on transport conditions. It helps prevent costly repairs by ensuring early detection of potential issues. In logistics, it ensures the safe transport of delicate items. In manufacturing, it verifies that equipment like transformers is fit for installation. In insurance, it provides essential data for claims and liability assessments. 


Condition monitoring has extensive applications across various industries ensuring that goods and equipment are transported safely and remain in optimal condition. In the power transformer industry, condition monitoring is crucial for detecting potential damage from shock and impacts during transit. These heavy and sensitive pieces of equipment can also be affected by temperature fluctuations and humidity which can degrade their performance. Monitoring these parameters ensures transformers are fit for installation upon arrival, preventing equipment failure and costly downtime. 

Clean room equipment and optical systems such as those used in semiconductor manufacturing or research laboratories, require stringent control over environmental conditions. Temperature and humidity monitoring are vital to prevent contamination and ensure that sensitive equipment remains functional and reliable. Monitoring angles during transport ensures that these delicate systems are not subjected to tilting or improper handling. 

Aerospace components, including sensitive instruments and structural parts, must meet stringent safety and performance standards. Condition monitoring tracks acceleration and vibration levels, ensuring that any potential damage is identified and addressed before the components are used in critical applications. Temperature and air pressure monitoring are also essential to maintain the integrity and functionality of these components during transport. 

In the automotive industry, condition monitoring is essential for parts ranging from engines to electronic systems. Monitoring shock and vibration levels helps ensure that these parts are not damaged during transit. Temperature and humidity monitoring are crucial to maintain the quality of sensitive electronic components. 


Integration in Transport Monitoring Systems  

Our dataloggers are often integrated into comprehensive transport monitoring systems, such as the Cargolog Connect. These systems provide real-time data and analytics, enhancing the ability to monitor and manage the conditions of transported goods effectively. 


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