Warning signal indicates when alarm levels are exceeded

When your vehicle is equipped with a collision sensor, you can also connect a warning signal to the personal login, in the form of audible or light signals. This indicates a collision immediately and shows your drivers where the truck is damaged, or if the safety of your facility will be effected. As a result, you can change and improve the driving behaviour of your drivers, as well as warn those in the vicinity that an incident has occurred and thus, avoid anyone being injured.

To reset the warning signal, you can choose to do so from Cargolog Online or directly on the vehicles, by using a “reset alarm card”, which is delivered together with your personal login. When a reset is selected via Cargolog Online, the person responsible at the company can log in and report the incident, or alternatively, your driver can do this by making use of a desk reader that connects to a PC. The driver uses his or her magnetic card or RFID tag in the desk reader to log in, and can only see unreported incidents for the current driver. Therefore, the driver can answer the questions in Cargolog Online directly when the incident occurs. All incidents reported are stored in Cargolog Online and can be used for further analysis in the company.

Advantages with warning signal

  • Shows those in the vicinity that an incident has occurred
  • Improves your drivers’ driving behaviour
  • Shows your drivers when the alarm level has been exceeded
  • Events are reported directly by your drivers