Personal login restricts the authorisation

With personal login as an option for your collision sensor, you can restrict the use of your trucks. With a card or RFID reader, you can control the authorisation required to start your trucks. All the administration to make such restrictions is done directly from the cloud service, Cargolog Online, and only those drivers with the right training will receive permission to start and use the vehicle. Also included with personal login is a function to ensure the “daily inspection” step, which reduces the risk of damage. This also includes registration of the operating hours, which can be used to optimise the number of trucks in your company. At Cargolog Online, all vehicles are listed together with the category level for the training required in order to start the vehicle. Drivers are registered with the training level that they possess and thereafter, the authorisation to start the vehicle is sent directly from Cargolog Online. The system looks at the training required to use the vehicle, as well as the training level the driver possesses, which means you do not risk giving a driver authorisation to the wrong vehicle. Since each authorisation is set individually for each vehicle and driver, you can adjust it for different departments or facilities.avdelningar eller anläggningar.

Advantages of personal login

  • Only drivers with the right training can use your vehicle

  • Reduces the risk for incorrect use

  • Ensures the step “daily inspection” is done

  • Integrated registration of the operating hours

Ensure the step “daily inspection”

The card or RFID reader is equipped with a function that ensures the “daily inspection” step is completed. Your driver is requested to conduct this inspection and the system demands that the driver approves and confirms inspection according to the vehicle’s inspection logbook has been carried out before the vehicle can be started. The system logs the time and date, as well as which individual has undertaken the daily inspection. At Cargolog Online, you can then see all the statistics for your vehicle.

Integrated registration of the operating hours

With integrated registration of the vehicle’s operating hours, you can optimise the number of vehicles at your company and compare vehicles in different departments and facilities. The operating hours are only recorded when your vehicle is in use and you can use the information, for example, to allocate the use.