Reduce damage and reduce costs in manufacturing industry

According to the Swedish Work Environment Authority, the manufacturing industry is the industry that is involved in the most truck accidents. The employer is responsible for the working environment, and for this reason must take action to prevent illness and accidents.

As a result of this, it is extremely important to perform risk analyses in order to prevent an incident from occurring. Cargolog Vehicle Safety System can simplify the management of your working environment.

Via Cargolog Online, you can see who, when and with what force a collision occurs. This makes it possible to implement measures, and in this way reduce the number of accidents in order to reduce costs. Whether it concerns further training for your drivers, the repair of your facility, or other measures, you can analyse your data and work actively in preventing accidents before they happen. This is an effective tool to help you in your daily work.

Plan maintenance and analyse costs

Reduce your administrative work by allowing Cargolog Online to control your vehicles’ service intervals and warn you when your vehicle needs a maintenance service. Through regular service intervals, specifically adjusted to your operations and each single vehicle, you can prevent damage, breakdowns and production stops.

By analysing each separate vehicle, you can also take control of your repair costs. In Cargolog Online, you can see how often a vehicle has been in for service, how long it has been out of production and the measures taken by your service partner regarding the specific vehicle.

Optimise the operating hours

Obtain information on the use of your vehicles and optimise the number of vehicles in your warehouse. With an integrated measurement of the operating hours, you can analyse the operating hours of your vehicles and make comparisons between different facilities, departments and individual vehicles.

This is how it works

With a collision sensor installed on your vehicle, collision forces are recorded in three different directions, X-Y-Z. When the vehicle is subjected to a knock or collision that exceeds a set alarm level, an alarm is sent to the person responsible at your company. The alarm level can be set individually for each vehicle and as a result, can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Wherever you or your vehicle may be, you can easily locate which vehicle is involved, the time the collision occurred and with what force. In addition, your vehicle can be equipped with an audible or light signal, which immediately indicates a collision.

The collision sensor can also be equipped with different options, such as card reader or RFID identification, as well as integrated measurement of the operating hours in order to optimise the use and the function of the step “daily inspection”.