Assure the quality of the transportation of your wind turbine

Wind power is an growing source of energy in today’s society. The transportation is heavy and demanding which affect the other traffic, at the risk of accidents, discharges and traffic jam. Mobitron has over 20 years of experience in demanding transport. Since 1997, we have delivered a quality monitoring of heavy transport, such as wind turbines.

We give our customers the ability to control and monitor the transport from the beginning to the end, which allows you to ensure the quality and reduce the risk of accidents or damage during the delivery.

The information can be used directly on the spot and shows immediately if the default values have been exceeded, and if more demanding tests should be performed, to take action to improve the transport options.

Reduce and minimise insurance and guarantee costs

The Cargolog Impact Recorder saves all the values and their duration. The information can then be used to validate any insurance claims that may arise later due to impacts and vibrations that were caused by the transport.

By also collecting data over time, you can identify the optimal mode of the transport and thereby reduce the costs of damaged shipments, and ultimately improve both the transport itself and the design of your wind turbine.

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Cargolog Impact Recorder System

Assure the quality of the transportation of your wind turbine – This is how it works!

Monitoring your goods during transport is an efficient solution for reducing the amount of transport damage. The Cargolog Impact Recorder System is affixed directly on to your goods and performs independent measurements by measuring the values for acceleration, temperature, humidity and angles. It provides you with documented data and, for this reason, it is an excellent tool to use in combination with quality systems, such as ISO 900.

Analyse data in our app

With our app, you can check the status of your goods directly on site. By a single key-press on the data logger, you can see if any of the limited values have been exceeded. You can also transfer the measurement result via Bluetooth® to your smartphone/tablet and analyze the result for the entire period. This saves time and you gain access to all measurement results without the need for any further equipment. Therefore you can quickly decide if more detailed investigations need to be performed. You can easily send the files to your colleagues, and you have access to your results wherever you are.