///Starter Kit TMS90 with integrated GPS
  • TMS90.SKB

Starter Kit TMS90 with integrated GPS

Article no: TMS90.SKB.


With this starter kit, you can measure and record the acceleration with duration and temperature with built-in sensors.  An external alarm is connected directly to the monitoring system and will warn the driver of the transport in case of exceeded limits. The system is driven by an external power directly from your vehicle and is equipped with a integrated GPS receiver to record GPS positions.

The starter kit contains everything you need for installation on your PC, or smartphone, and on your vehicle*.

*excluding cabling, which is ordered separately.

For installation on PC or smartphone / TMS90


CargoLog® PC Software

Article no: 60950

Prior to a transport, the data logger is preprogrammed from your PC with acceptable limit values for acceleration and temperature, using the CargoLog PC software. This means that before each transport, you can individually set the measurement channels that will be used and adjust these based on the transport’s requirements, method of transport and period of time. Once the transport is completed, or to check the status during transport, you download the measurement results from your data logger to your PC and you can view all the results in diagram that gives you information second by second. Installation for one user with a professional license is included.

Mobitron APP 12

Article no: 60963

You can also read data with your smartphone via our APP, Mobitron, which you can download from Google Play. With Bluetooth, you read data wirelessly directly to your smartphone, and can analyse all the measurement data that has been registered, without delay on-site. 12 months use of Cargolog Online 12 for one user is included when purchasing the TMS90 Start Kit with integrated GPS and GSM/GPRS.

60944IR-to-USB TopCom

Article no: 60944

Used for communication with your registration unit. Equipped with TopCom for communication between the IR interface and Cargolog PC software to download new parameters, start a new measurement period and read the data after or during a measurement period.

For installation on vehicles / TMS90

TMS90.6002 – Monitoring System

Article no: 96002-B

Monitoring System with integrated sensors measures and registers accelerations and impacts (0.3-10G, resolution 0.01G 0.5-20Hz) using a MicroElectroMechanical System (MEMS). A digital sensor measures and registers temperature (-40°C to 85°C ± 0.1°C) with high reliability and stability. Equipped with Bluetooth for wireless transfer of data to/from your smartphone or PC.

The data logger monitors via an attachment device placed on your goods so it can measure and register the conditions to which your goods are subjected during the transport. With 12-48VDC, your data logger is powered directly from your lorry or the vehicle used.

varningslampa-och-rfid-tag_webExternal driver alarm

Article no: 61973

When the limit values for acceleration or temperature are exceeded, a lamp lights up, which is placed where the driver can notice it immediately, allowing the driver to stop the lorry or van to check the goods. To turn off the driver alarm, an authorised RFID tag is used, this is pulled along the system’s RFID sensor, which is mounted in the enclosure, and the driver can then continue the transport until a new alarm is given. The driver alarm is sold with mount for flat installation. 1 RFID tag for resetting the driver alarm is included.

60985GPS Antenna

Article no: 60985

GPS Antenna with magnetic base and 5 metre cable. Connects directly to your data logger.


  • Measurements
    • Acceleration0,3-10G ±3%, 0,5-20Hz, resolution 0,01G, speed of sampling for acceleration 1kHz. Event triggered on preset levels.
    • Temperature-40°C to +85°C, ±0,1°C;min interval 1 min - interval > 1 year; resolution 2s