• Starter Kit Impact Recorder GSM/GPRS/GPS

Starter Kit Impact Recorder GSM/GPRS/GPS

Article no: B3.SKD.


acceleration temperature humidity angle GSM 

Contains a complete starter kit from our system # 3 with everything you need for installation on your PC and goods. The data logger measures and records acceleration, duration of acceleration, temperature, humidity and angle. It´s equipped with: integrated GSM/GPRS unit for communication of data in real-time; integrated GPS receiver. 

For installation of the impact recorder a Metal Case is used to protect the impact recorder from mechanical damages, external influences such as aggressive gases, liquids and moisture. This starter kit is therefore suitable for deliveries in harsh environments.

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The Starter kit includes a registration device with GSM/GPRS/GPS function. The registration unit is installed on your goods with an Metal case that protects it from mechanical damage and external influences such as aggressive gases, liquids and moisture. To connect the GPS and GSM antenna to the registation unit, two antenna grommets is placed on the short side of the Metal case.

To activate and read data from the registration unit CargoLog, a windows based software is used. You can set values for each unit. Data transfer to and from the registration unit is done with the communication device IR TopInterface.

For installation on your PC / Starter Kit Impact Recorder 


Cargolog PC Software

Article no: 60950

PC Windows software for transfer data to / from Cargolog Impact Recorder.


IR TopInterface with USB

Article no: 60944

Used for communication with your Cargolog Impact Recorder. Equipped with TopCom for communication between the IR interface and Cargolog PC software to download new parameters, start a new measurement period and read the data after or during a measurement period.

For installation on your gods / Starter kit Impact Recorder 


B3.0935 – Registration unit FAT90 V2

Article no: 60935-E

Measures and records acceleration, temperature, humidity and angle. It´s also equipped with GPS and GSM / GPRS communication.

NOTE! Delivered without power battery.

 IP65 Metal Case60990-33ss

Article no: 60990-33SS

The Metal Case is used for mounting the registration unit and to protect the product from mechanical damage, aggressive gases, liquids and moisture. The Metal case comes with an installation bracket, placed inside the Metal case. It’s also euipped with two antenna grommets for connecting GPS and GSM antenna.


GSM Antenna

Article no: 60972

GSM antenna with magnetic foot and 2.5 meters of cable. Connects directly to your registration unit.

60985 GPS Antenna

Article no: 60985

GPS antenna with magnetic foot and 5 meter cable. Connects directly to your registration unit.


  • Measurements
    • Memory capacity42 200 measurement values
    • Acceleration0,3-10G ±3%, 0,5-20Hz, resolution 0,01G, speed of sampling for acceleration 1kHz. Event triggered on preset levels.
    • Temperature-40°C to +85°C, ±0,1°C;min interval 1 min - interval > 1 year; resolution 2s
    • Humidity0-100%, ±3% FS; min interval 1 min - interval > 1 year; time resolution 2s
    • Angle/Leaning0-90°; measuring of inclination in relation to horizontal ±10°, resolution 5°; trig by acceleration or time option, min interval 1 min - interval > 1 year, resolution 2s
    • GPSGPS receiver, 22 channel indicates the Geoposition ±1,8m (CEP)
    • GSM/GPRSIntegrated GSM/GPRS unit