Data logger with GSM/GPRS

The Cargolog® Impact Recorder is a wireless data logger with built-in sensors that records acceleration, temperature, humidity and angles. The datalogger is firmly attached directly onto your goods and provides you with information regarding how your products are being handled throughout the entire logistics chain – from start to finish. The Cargolog® Impact Recorder, equipped with GSM/GPRS communication, transfers data in real time, and gives you the opportunity to react immediately when your goods are subject to incorrect handling. This is a cost-efficient method that facilitates detailed monitoring and gives you full control over your goods during transport.

Advantages with GSM/GPRS

  • Get information in real-time

    Get alerts of unacceptable conditions which may affect your products performance instantly when they occur.

  • Prepare and take immediate action

    In case levels have been exceeded, which could affect the products performance or safety, you can make preparations and take immediate action before the cargo is transhipped, or you can prepare an action plan for arrival of your goods at site to save time and money.

  • Know when and where

    Get location updates and knowledge of delays while the goods are in transit.

  • Support insurance claims for transport damages

    Use independent data, registered by the Cargolog Impact Recorder, to support insurance claims.

  • Reduce warranty claims

    Concealed damages caused during transport, which are not detected and later affect the performance of the product, should be covered by the transport insurance. However, these costs often end up on the manufacturer as a warranty claim due to these damages going unnoticed.

  • Evaluate and improve the design

    Data collected over time can be used to evaluate how fragile your goods are and for improving their design.

Request information and location in real-time

The recorded data can be retrieved from the unit using GSM/GPRS by sending a request via SMS. A text message is sent from your phone, indicating what information should be transferred. The Cargolog Impact Recorder then, in line with your request, sends the information back directly to your email, or will upload it to the cloud server for viewing in Cargolog® Online.

To save power, there is also the option to switch off GSM/GPS communication temporarily – according a programmable schedule. This is a useful tool when GSM/GPRS coverage is not available, for example, during transport at sea or by air.


Cargolog®Online – Internet of Things

With Cargolog® Online you can view all data transferred from the Cargolog® Impact Recorder in real-time. All measurement results can be viewed in a graph or as a table. Cargolog® Online can be used by multiple users with 24/7 access from all around the world. Use your PC, smartphone or tablet to view and analyse all data for every minute and every second of the measuring period.

For Impact Recorders equipped with GPS, get the route in real-time and see the GPS position for any event.

Cargolog Online

New program version Cargolog available to download

New program version Cargolog PC Software available to download

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  • Starter Kit Impact Recorder GSM/GPRS/GPS/Cloud service

    Article no: B3.SKG

    acceleration temperature humidity angle GSM

    Contains a complete starter kit from our system # 3 with everything you need for installation on your PC and goods. The data logger measures and records acceleration, duration of acceleration, temperature, humidity and angle. It´s equipped with: integrated GSM/GPRS unit for communication of data in real-time; integrated GPS receiver. Together with the cloud service Cargolog®Online you get full control of your goods.

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