Data logger with GPS

Cargolog® Impact Recorder is a wireless data logger with inbuilt sensors that records acceleration, temperature, humidity and angles with GPS position, as well as time and date. The data logger is affixed directly on to your goods and it provides you with information that shows how your products are handled throughout the entire logistics chain.

The geographic position can be registered in time intervals and/or at high exceedance. At the start of a measurement period, you decide how you want to register the geographical position. You select the measurement channels that will be active and which alarm levels that will be used. Customize the registration levels for the goods before delivery for each transport occasion, use again and again to get a quick ROI.

  • Locate mishandling and identify the responsible parties

  • Improve the transport and handling process and find cost-effective solutions

  • Identify optimal routes and modes of transport

Get real-time information and locate your goods with our web application Cargolog® Online

Data logger equipped with GSM / GPRS communication is used to monitor, deter and minimize misshandling of your goods. With Cargolog® Online you get access to information directly in our web application and you can see the measurement results in table and graph, as well as the GPS coordinates and the map of the transport route. Locate to immediately see if any abnormal incidents have occurred and identify the responsible parties for use in insurance matters.


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Data logger with pressure sensor

Do you need a data logger that is well suited for pressurized applications? By using a data logger with pressure sensor you can minimize damages and decrease costs.

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New program version available for download

New version CargoLog is available for download. This version contains beside fixes also new features and communication with Bluetooth.

See GPS positions directly in your smartphone / tablet Mobitron’s APP

With a data logger equipped with Bluetooth® you can easily transfer the measurement results directly to your smartphone / tablet. With Mobitron’s APP you can analyze the data for each minute and second of the measurement period. You get immediate information about exceedance and the GPS coordinates are visible in both tabular and directly on a map. Send the file with the data to your colleagues or customers, and respond to incidents immediately.

  • Fast reading of data

  • Provides a quick overview of the measurement results and possible thresholds

  • See the GPS route and GPS positions of the exceeded alarm limits directly in your smartphone / tablet


Transfer data and see the measurement results with GPS positions in CargoLog® PC Software

You can transfer the measurement results from your data logger to your PC via a wired or wireless communication. In CargoLog® PC Software you can then examine the results second by second and see the GPS positions during abnormal incidents and exceeded alarm limits. You can also see transportation route directly in the application with a single keystroke.

To get more detailed information about the GPS positions, you can connect the program to an optional URL such as “Google Maps” and in that way obtain GPS positions on a map. Det går även att koppla programmet till en lokal databas i din PC. To get more detailed information about the GPS positions, you can connect the program to an optional URL such as for example “Google Maps” and in that way obtain GPS positions on a map. It is also possible to connect the application to a local database on your PC. The information can be used to analyze the transport route, finding the right transport mode and locate incorrect handling of goods, and thereby take action to reduce transport damage.

CargoLog PC Software