Not enough time?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find time for everything. For this reason, and to make things easier for our customers, we offer our valuable services. Whether you need help with a project from start to finish or if you only require help with a specific task, we can help you.

Together with our customers, we have carried out many projects where we manage a large part of the work. In such cases, this starts when we are contacted, because goods are to be transported and it is important to monitor the conditions to which these goods are exposed. One reason could be the difficulty in detecting hidden damage that may occur if the goods are subjected to an impact, or it could be important to see the exact position where the goods were damaged so the information can be used in the insurance case. Whatever the reason, with the help of Cargolog Impact Recorder, we can follow the goods from start to finish, while at the same time measure and record events that occur during the transport. We are an independent player who provides you with documented facts.

Case Study

In cases such as those above, things usually start with us discussing with you exactly what is to be transported, and what information you require to be gathered. Based on such discussions, we then program the registration unit, followed by you affixing the registration units to the goods to be transported. After the journey is complete, we read the measurement data and provide you with a written report. This makes it easy for you to present and analyse the measurement results together with your colleagues and customers.