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A data logger equipped with GSM/GPRS communication transmits data in real-time and sends an alarm directly to your e-mail when an alarm level is exceeded. The data can then be viewed directly in our web based Cargolog® Online service, which give you the information you need and you will have full surveillance over your goods throughout the entire logistics chain. Use your computer, smartphone or tablet and with the Cargolog® Online web application, you get access to your data at any time without the need to install any software. The measurement results of your recorder, travelling the globe, can be viewed in a graph as well as a table and can be shared with multiple users worldwide. All results are time stamped and optionally GPS geo-tagged.

  • Monitor your transport remotely and warn the receiver or haulier so they can inspect the goods for damages before arrival at the final destination

  • You, your colleagues or – at your choice – your customers, have access to the measurement results online, without anyone needing to install additional software

  • Allows the supplier to take immediate action in case of mishandling of transportation before delivery to the customer

  • Document that the conditions were acceptable during transportation, intervene if not, and avoid future warranty issues

Register and see the GPS positions for the entire transport route

A data logger equipped with integrated GPS , registers the geographical position with fixed time intervals or when pre-set monitoring levels are exceeded. In Cargolog Online, you can observe the entire transport route and see the GPS positions for each incident. Get information immediately about incidents that may have caused damage to the goods and see the related exact position by logging in into Cargolog Online.

  • Locate where abnormal events have occurred and identify the responsible parties

  • Identify optimal routes and modes during transport

  • Locate potential areas for improvement of the transport or of the handling process

Battery transport monitoring systems

Safe battery transportation is critical to protect consumer safety and the preservation of property. Hundreds of lithium-based battery fires have occurred in the past years. These fires have resulted in monetary fines worth tens of thousands of dollars per instance

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Monitor and receive information in real-time

Locate the mishandling of your cargo and identify the responsible parties. Take action with Online Transport Monitoring when an incident occurs as a result of mishandling, vandalism or accident.

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