30 Years of Innovation

December 20, 2021

As we are approaching Christmas, which is the perfect time to reflect, I take the time to remember the many valuable relationships that have made the last three decades a success. This milestone is special to me, as I reflect on the thousands of transport damage happening worldwide every day, and how Mobitron can offer a tool with the Cargolog® System to reduce unnecessary costs without affecting the core business. We have acted as an independent party in thousands of projects in various industry segments, and we have been fortunate to work with wonderful partnerships. When we celebrate Mobitron’s 30th anniversary, I feel proud when I look back on the journey during these significant and remarkable years.


We started as a one-person show in the year 1991, operated from my house in Kaxholmen, just outside of Huskvarna, Sweden. At first, the brand grew slowly—customer by customer. Then, those customers started to talk, and as a result, the brand was eventually noticed worldwide. These relationships began a long-term international relationship with customers and resellers, which we continue to cherish tenderly. Over the years, together with our customers, we have improved and developed the Cargolog® System. Adding functions like GPS positioning, Bluetooth communication, Pressure sensor at the request of our customers are just a few examples. However, the focus has always been on developing the Cargolog® System into an independent tool to reduce transport damage and associated costs.

We step into the future

Today, Mobitron is a globally leading supplier of Data Logging Systems. As we have grown and our Mobitron Family has expanded – and will continue to do so – we are constantly reminded of the importance of maintaining the highest quality standards and valued relationships with our customers and partners. Innovation is at the core of who we are and what we do, and we will keep looking at the future but not forget its past. With this in mind, we are now taking a new step into the future. Follow us in the coming year as we present the next generation of data loggers that will change how we look at data. I wish you a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

Sven-Olof Olsson
CEO and founder.

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